Specsmanship is the "often inappropriate use of specifications or measurement results to establish putative superiority of one entity over another, generally when no such superiority exists. Commonly found in high fidelity audio equipment, automobiles and other apparatus where uneducated users identify some numerical value upon which to base their pride or derision, whether or not it's relevant to actual use of the device." [Wikipedia].
STOP Datenschwindel
Do not make purchasing decisions based on inflated technical specifications !

Get active: learn what the specifications (are supposed to) mean !

Yet another yellow-press product

Yellow-press messages:

X-black / CrystalView / Color-Shine / ...

brand-names for mirrors with some display function
read the article on matte and glossy displays
Contrast ratio 10 000:1
1 300 cd/m2 "brightness"
550 billion colors
PDP TV set promises
Contrast >1.000.000 (one million !) OLED TV-screen promise
"Viewing-angels" 178/178 LCD TV set promise
Unprecedented "color accuracy" ... LCD TV set - more color per dollar ...
"gray-to-gray response times" ? what does it tell me ?
"crispness of colors" ? ? ?
"% NTSC" ? ? ?
ANSI-lumen ? ? ?

Numbers & terms, numbers & terms, numbers, numb....

  • What do the terms & numbers mean ?
  • How are they measured ?
  • What is their significance ?
The escalating hype of dizzying "performance specifications" leaves the customer confused and the products often cause disappointment ...

What do customers want ?

  • Acquiring electronic displays that are fulfilling the performance requirements for a specific application as good as possible at an affordable price.

  • Reliable (i.e. unbiased), understandable and meaningful specifications as basis for purchasing decisions without hangover, regrets and disappointment.

Fulfillment of users’ requirements ? This leads you to the concept of usability.

Are you interested in the concept of usability, in display metrology standards, and what YOU can do to defeat specsmanship ? Then continue here.

References & recommended further reading: Some more references @ Wikipedia: Instruments and approaches for display measurement:


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